OREANDA-NEWSThe enthronement ceremony of the new emperor of the country Narukhito took place in the imperial palace in Tokyo. He was presented with symbols of imperial authority. The emperor received a large state and personal seal and regalia: a sword and precious jasper laid in caskets. The third regalia - the metal mirror - is located in the temple, where the sun goddess Amaterasu symbolically dwells. She is a mythical progenitor of the dynasty of monarchs. The ceremony took place in the Pine Hall of the Palace in Tokyo. It was attended by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, members of the government, heads of the two chambers of parliament and judges of the Supreme Court of Japan.

Later, the emperor, according to tradition, made his first address to the people. “I swear, in accordance with the Constitution, to fulfill my duties as a symbol of the state and unity of the nation, to turn my thoughts to people and support them,” he said. In addition, the emperor said he would strive for world peace. Naruhito is 59 years old, he is the first emperor of Japan, born after the Second World War. With his arrival in the country begins a new era, which will be called Rave, which means "order and harmony." Recall of his desire to soon leave the throne, his father, Emperor Akihito, said back in 2016. Parliament has developed a special law that allows him to retire. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today officially announced to the people about the abdication of the emperor who ruled the country for 30 years.

Yesterday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially announced the renunciation of Emperor Akihito to the people. This news did not become a sensation - the monarch announced his desire to leave the throne soon in 2016, after which the country's parliament drafted a special law allowing Akihito to retire at will. World leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, have already expressed their appreciation to the outgoing emperor and promised to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with his successor, Naruhito.