OREANDA-NEWS  The Council of the European Union generally approved the text of the agreement with the UK on its withdrawal from the EU, said Monday the coordinator of the Brexit talks Michel Barnier.

"No one should lose sight of the progress made both in London and in Brussels. Ministers (members of the EU - if Council) agree with the package as a whole, in particular with regard to an orderly exit. We still have to determine the internal procedure for the continuation of the transition period, " Barnier said after the meeting of the EU Council on General issues, which considered the latest situation in the negotiation process.

The head of the EU negotiators reiterated his well-known position that the agreement reached is fair and balanced. It takes into account the position of the UK. The EU is ready to compromise in order to avoid a tight border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"And finally, this agreement provides an orderly exit, which is in the interests of all. It will open the way to an ambitious partnership, " said Barnier.

He informed the Ministers about the state of negotiations on the future relations of the parties. Discussions on this issue continue, and this is the priority of the negotiators at the moment. The Declaration on future relations will lead to a strategic and economic agreement.

"More than ever, we must remain calm and concentrate on the need for an orderly exit of the UK," concluded Barnier.

European Council President Donald Tusk has previously announced that he has appointed an EU summit to consider the draft agreement on Brexit on November 25.