OREANDA-NEWS The circumvention of sanctions against Russia should be seen as a crime at the EU level. This measure will facilitate the investigation of such violations and the punishment of those responsible in all countries that make up the community, according to a document distributed by the EC.

The European Commission proposes to add the violation of EU restrictive measures to the list of crimes at the EU level.

The day before, the representative of the EC, Dana Spinat, said that the commission had prepared a package of proposals for the possible confiscation of the frozen assets of the Russian Federation, as well as for including actions to bypass sanctions into the number of criminal offenses.

Earlier, Czech journalist Jan Machacek said that the European Union agreed to bypass its own sanctions by buying gas from Russia for rubles. He recalled that the restrictions against the Russian Federation were introduced with great fanfare, Brussels quite recently rejected the Russian conditions for paying for gas. Now almost all European countries have agreed to them.

The EU has imposed five packages of sanctions against Russia in connection with the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine. Currently, the sixth package is being discussed, which provides for the rejection of Russian oil. Some EU countries are blocking its adoption, fearing negative consequences for their economies.