OREANDA-NEWS. The European Parliament voted by a majority to introduce the coronavirus digital certificate in the European Union. This follows from the published voting results.

The decision on the certificates consists of several documents, the deputies supported all decisions with an absolute majority of votes. Now the decision must go through the technical registration procedure, it will officially enter into force after publication in the official EU journal.

The coronavirus certificate will formally be launched in the EU on July 1, but the document is already being issued in a test mode, more than a million Europeans have received it.

On March 17, the European Commission presented a bill on the introduction of digital coronavirus certificates in the EU, which will contain three options for data: information about the vaccine against COVID-19, about a negative PCR test, or about the fact of a past illness and the presence of immunity. These are vaccinations that are centrally approved in the EU. However, the countries of the union will have the right to independently recognize themselves and other vaccines.

The certificate can be used with a mobile phone and a QR code. According to the EU, the certificates should, on the one hand, exclude discrimination, and on the other, allow to accelerate the return to free movement of the population between the countries of the Union.

It is also expected that vaccinated EU residents who have received the certificate will be exempted from the obligation to take tests and comply with quarantine while traveling within the EU. European certificates may also be available to suitably vaccinated third-country nationals coming to the EU, a mechanism is currently under development.