OREANDA-NEWS. The large arms companies and their lobbyists benefit from the growing anti-Russian rhetoric in the European Parliament, which contributes to the growth of militarism within the bloc. Claire Daly, a MEP from Ireland, told RIA Novosti about it.

Referring to the state of the current relations between the EU and Russia, Daly noted that, in her opinion, there was a deterioration in diplomatic relations between Brussels and Moscow.

Daly believes that from a diplomatic point of view, the situation is deteriorating significantly. Much of this, in her view, is to justify the growing militarism in the EU.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, some members of a number of committees of the European Parliament, including the special committee on foreign interference in the EU's democratic processes, generally adhere to anti-Russian views, which "are in no way based on sources or references."

According to Daly, only the arms industry benefits from this confrontation, in particular the big lobbyists of the military-industrial complex, especially when new budgets and new contracts are mentioned that will allow their shareholders to enrich themselves. But, as she believes, this is not at all in the interests of European citizens.

As Daly said, the EU needs the image of the "enemy" in Russia to justify the high level of defense spending.