OREANDA-NEWS. The idea proposed by the Japanese political scientist to blockade the southern Kuriles in order to resolve the "territorial issue" with the Russian Federation is unrealizable, since neither the current Russian legislation nor the military potential of Moscow will allow Tokyo to realize these intentions. This was stated to RIA Novosti by a military expert, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the Japanese political scientist, former diplomat Akio Kawatao, in his article on the Newsweek Japan portal, expressed the opinion that Japan needs to demonstrate "readiness and ability" to block the straits between mainland Russia and the South Kuriles to resolve the "territorial issue." At the same time, Kawatao believes that nothing of the kind is foreseen in the foreseeable future, but calls on Tokyo to prove to the world now that the Yalta agreement of 1945 "does not in itself determine the change in the borders between Russia and Japan."

Igor Korotchenko noted that "from a practical point of view, the reasoning of the retired Japanese diplomat is absolutely meaningless, because the amendments to the Russian constitution forever secured the status of the southern Kuriles as an integral part of the territory of the Russian Federation. All arguments like" let's wait for a convenient moment, and then make territorial claims. " or "let's create public opinion within Russia for the secession of the Kuriles and their transfer to Japan" are unscientific fantasy and will not be realized. "

According to the expert, attempts to take the Kuril Islands by force, including by blockading the straits, are also unrealistic due to the incommensurability of the military potentials of Moscow and Tokyo.

The Russian expert called on the Japanese side to come to terms with the existing situation and, in the interests of good-neighborliness and the development of relations with Russia, finally abandon territorial claims to Moscow.