OREANDA-NEWSThe mass protests of the population that have swept Hong Kong since the beginning of summer are connected not only with an attempt to promote the unpopular extradition law, but have gone "far beyond its borders". This was recognized by the head of local administration Carrie Lam, speaking on Thursday at a press conference. She emphasized that the decision to withdraw the bill "will be only the first step towards resolving the crisis" in this special administrative region.

The politician noted that the population of Hong Kong is most unhappy with the political, in addition, they are concerned about social and economic difficulties: difficulties in acquiring real estate, low opportunities for young people, income inequality, etc. The leader of the city administration announced a plan to start large-scale negotiations with all representatives of the population, as well as with leading community experts to find solutions to these deep-rooted problems.

A few months ago, the people began to take to the streets and protest against the adoption of a bill put forward by local authorities whose purpose is to create a mechanism for extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China to prosecute individuals suspected of violating Chinese laws or wanted. Under pressure from the public, Carrie Lam repeatedly announced the suspension of the bill, but the demonstrations didn't stop. On Wednesday, she officially announced the procedure for his formal recall from the Legislative Council, which the demonstrators insisted on. However, they also put forward a number of other requirements, which the authorities don't agree to satisfy. Among them - an amnesty for all participants in street riots detained without trial.

In addition, the authorities will solve the problem of housing affordability, income inequality and so on. For this, a comprehensive dialogue will be launched with all representatives of society.