OREANDA-NEWS. The head of the German delegation, Viktor Trippel, said that he was ashamed of the sanctions imposed by Western countries against Crimea.

A delegation of 25 citizens of Germany arrived on a study visit to Crimea on May 22. The visit is taking place within the framework of the people's diplomacy project "Peaceful Crimea - with my own eyes. Crimean realities without European conjectures".

"I am ashamed of Europe. These are double incomprehensible standards," Trippel told reporters.

According to him, Crimeans, including children's sports teams, cannot visit European countries, since they are denied visas because of the sanctions policy. “We invite the guys from Crimea, but it all sounds very empty, because they simply cannot come to us,” Trippel stressed.

The first vice-speaker of the Crimean parliament, Efim Fiks, thanked the German delegation for visiting Crimea.

"We express our gratitude for the fact that you decided to visit Crimea without fear of any sanctions. We decided to see how Crimeans live and how Crimea is developing. We do not need agitation, we need you to see what is happening in Crimea and tell yourself at home, "- said Fix at a meeting with the delegation in the building of the Crimean parliament.

According to him, foreigners who come to Crimea see how the peninsula is developing and transforming, while the authorities of Ukraine and Western countries, including the United States, cannot "calm down" about the choice of the Crimeans.