OREANDA-NEWS. According to the preliminary results of the general elections in Norway, the left-wing opposition won. These results indicate the end of the eight-year rule of the center-right government under Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The preliminary vote count showed that almost 93% of voters cast their vote for the Labour Party and its two allies-the Left-wing Socialists and the Eurosceptic Center party. Consequently, these parties will take 100 seats in the 169-seat assembly, while the dominant center-right government will take only 68 seats. One place is still unoccupied.

This state of affairs indicates that Prime Minister Solberg will be overthrown by the left-wing coalition led by Jonas Gar Stere.

Already public opinion polls in the run-up to the vote predicted this result, predicting failure for the dominant conservative government.

"We knew that we needed a miracle... the era of conservatives is over," - Solberg commented on the current situation. The Conservatives failed, losing almost 5 percentage points. This kind of defeat was called by the Norwegian media "the biggest loss in the elections".

Norwegians in the general election not only voted for the left-wing opposition party, but also put the future of the country's oil and gas industry at the top of the government's agenda, fearing for the deteriorating state of the climate.

It can already be said that the center-right and Labor parties will solve this problem by gradually abandoning fossil fuels, which still continues to support the Norwegian economy. Despite this, a certain part of the country's population demands more radical measures from the government to solve the problems of climate change.