OREANDA-NEWS During US President Donald Trump’s visits to Dayton and El Paso after mass shooting incidents last weekend, The Daily Beast notes that the politician was indifferent to the tragedy.

The head of state is “deaf to the need to be decent” and deliberately ignores the role that US presidents should play during national mourning and crisis. His true image consists of comments made in the direction of careless statements on the lawn of the White House.

In another article, it is noted that Trump used a well-known scheme and during his visits to these cities he himself played the role of a victim. In particular, he allowed himself some comments criticizing the Democrats. The article emphasizes that it is obvious to anyone that Trump will find a way to turn any national tragedy into an occasion to declare injustice to him. The politician reacts to the cases of mass shooting according to a routine scenario: he gives the prescribed answer, mentions legislative measures and visits the victims.