OREANDA-NEWSEthiopian Airlines' Boeing 737 MAX aircraft crashed in March as a result of a collision with a bird or other foreign object. The media said that the collision of the liner with a foreign object could lead to a breakdown of the “angle of attack” sensor, which led to an erroneous activation of the maneuvering correction system (MCAS). It is noted that the Boeing pilots could not regain control of the aircraft, because of what the ship crashed.

The MCAS is designed to prevent an aircraft from excessively tilting up. Malfunctions in her work called the possible cause of the crash of Boeing in Indonesia last October. The collapse of the liner in Ethiopia was also associated with the incorrect operation of this system. According to the transcript of the flight recorders, this system, being an additional protection against stalling, was activated before the plane began to swoop, and contributed to its fall.

Earlier, Boeing CEO Dennis Muhlenburg took part in a test flight on the Boeing 737 MAX 7 with updated software to prove the safety of the aircraft. “The updated software works as planned, the pilots performed a full-time landing of the aircraft at the Boeing test aerodrome,” the company said in a statement.

As reported, on March 10 of this year, as a result of a plane crash in Ethiopia, 157 people were killed, including three Russians. Departure from the capital of the country crashed to the ground about 60 kilometers from Addis Ababa. Last October, 189 people became victims of the crash of a Boeing plane of a similar model in Indonesia. After these accidents, many countries of the world, including Russia, the USA and the EU states, suspended the operation of aircraft of this series for security reasons.