OREANDA-NEWS. The current and retired US military criticized the open letter of 124 generals who called into question the mental and physical condition of President Joe Biden.

According to retired US Army Colonel Jeffrey McCosland, participating in such an "anti-democratic campaign" that could lead to a revision of the presidential election results is risky. The colonel added that the letter sets a dangerous precedent, as the United States is considered "one of the few democracies in which the military has never threatened to seize power."

"This, in my opinion, is a very bad example of the erosion of civil-military relations in America, which is becoming the cornerstone of our democracy," McCosland said in an interview with The Huffing Post.

Alex McCoy, a former Marine, in turn regarded the letter from the retired generals as a betrayal.

"Historically, former military staff have been either fertile ground for fascist movements and coups, or the backbone of pro-democracy movements defending the laws of our Constitution against a small group of power-hungry people who seek to divide the people and undermine their will," the former military said. In his opinion, "these 124 generals made their choice, betraying the overwhelming majority of the oath-loyal veterans."

Earlier, retired American generals wrote an open letter to Joe Biden, pointing out that "their nation is in deep danger." According to them, the physical and mental state of the American president does not let him to make proper decisions in the sphere of national security.