OREANDA-NEWS. The Minister of Health of Ukraine, Maxim Stepanov, said that about 600 cases of repeated COVID-19 infections have already been registered in the country. He said this on Friday, February 5, at a meeting organized by the European Business Association.

According to Stepanov, repeated cases are registered three to six months after the first infection. This issue, the Minister noted, will be taken into account when conducting vaccination for the effective use of vaccines.

As of February 5, the number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in Ukraine was 1,237,169 and 22,707 people died. The number of new coronavirus cases per day was 4,923 and 158 patients died.

At the end of December, the head of «Rospotrebnadzor», Anna Popova, said that only a few dozen cases of repeated coronavirus infection were confirmed worldwide. She also explained, that it is possible to get COVID-19 again with a significant violation of the immune system.