OREANDA-NEWS. On Monday night, unknown malefactors entered the famous museum named Green Vault (German: Grünes Gewölbe) located in the ancient castle in the city of Dresden.

This was reported by Bild newspaper, citing policemen. The museum exposition covers the period from the Renaissance to classicism. About 4 thousand unique antiquities are presented to visitors. The treasury stores art objects which value is estimated at hundreds of millions euros, the publication notes. There is no data on the exact damage from the robbery, but journalists suppose that it could amount to 1 billion euros.

An announcement posted on the museum’s website says that the Dresden Castle is closed for visitors on Monday.

Saxony’s Interior Minister Roland Wöller told reporters in front of the museum (his speech was broadcast live on N24 channel) that during the robbery in the Green Vault treasury, objects of art of immeasurable value had been stolen. “Today is an evil day for the cultural heritage of Saxony. In the early morning hours, many criminals entered the Green Vault and stole art objects of immeasurable value. It is not only material value, but also intangible, which is priceless for Saxony,” the minister said. He added that “it was an attack on the cultural heritage of all Saxons.”

The police and investigative authorities “are actively working on the disclosure of the case, a special commission has been set up to supervise the work at the crime scene,” Wöller said. “We will do everything to return the objects of art and capture the criminals.”