OREANDA-NEWSThe number of victims of the new coronavirus in China amounted to 1770, more than 10.8 thousand people recovered, the number of people infected since the outbreak of pneumonia exceeded 70.5 thousand, the State Committee on Hygiene and Health of China said on Monday.

On Sunday, the agency informed of more than 68.5 thousand infected, 1665 victims and 9,419 recovered. According to updated data, the official mortality rate for coronavirus in the country is 2.5% instead of 2.43% the day before.

Among the regions, the central province of Hubei ranks first in the number of infected people, where more than 58.1 thousand people are registered, 1696 of them died, 6639 people recovered. This is followed by the province of Guangdong (south), where more than 1.3 thousand inhabitants, Henan (center) and Zhejiang (east) fell ill, in each of which more than 1.2 thousand and 1.1 thousand cases of infection were recorded.

In Beijing, as of Sunday, the number of infected was 381 people, of which 114 were discharged from the hospital, four died. In the province of Heilongjiang bordering Russia, the number of deaths amounted to 11 people, the number of infected people all the time reached 457, of which 80 recovered.