OREANDA-NEWS. According to the Global Wealth Report of the Credit Suisse bank, by mid-2019 the number of dollar millionaires in Russia during the year increased from 172 thousand to 246 thousand in comparison with previous year, while the number of billionaires increased from 74 to 110 people.

The report says that 10 % of the richest residents of Russia own 83 % of the total personal fortune of the country’s inhabitants. This indicator is larger than in the USA (76 %), where one of the highest levels of wealth concentration among developed countries is registered. According to Credit Suisse experts, Russia is also ahead of China in this category, where 10 % of the wealthiest persons own 60 % of the personal fortune of the whole country.

The specialists noted an increase in the average level of wealth per capita of an adult in Russia. It increased from 19,997 to 27,381 dollars. The value of financial assets per capita was estimated at 10,570 dollars, and non-financial assets at 19,530 dollars.

In general, the welfare of the world population from July 2018 to July 2019 increased by 9.1 trillion dollars (2.6%) and exceeded 360.6 trillion. The review notes that Switzerland led the welfare rating, followed by the United States of America, Japan and the Netherlands. In total, experts counted 46.8 million people with a fortune exceeding 1 million dollars, 1.1 million people more than last year. The number of people with assets of more than 50 million dollars exceeded 168,000. 55,920 of them own a fortune of at least 100 million dollars, and 4,830 more than 500 million dollars.