OREANDA-NEWS. The list of Belarusian enterprises that fell under Western sanctions is perplexing about the professionalism of those who prepared them, said the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko.

“Even the lists of persons and companies that have again entered the sanctions lists are perplexing about the professionalism of those who prepare them, or those who suggest them. I would have kicked them out for their incompetence long ago, I am telling you as a former diplomat, "he told reporters. The video was published in the Telegram channel "Pool of the First."

According to the prime minister, "if a small Borisov enterprise is awarded the attention of the United States, this is probably a reason for pride for him."

“They used to say that sanctions were imposed on enterprises controlled by the regime. They even prescribed criteria - where the state has 50%. But in this package there are enterprises in which the state has a much smaller share, the rest of the share is owned by members of the labor collective. is it following the criteria? Where is the professionalism? You don't even know how to correctly introduce sanctions, "Golovchenko said.

The EU on Thursday adopted a new package of sanctions against Belarus, including Belavia. In total, the new list includes 17 individuals (mainly judges and employees of the border services of Belarus), as well as 11 organizations. Now the total number of persons involved in the anti-Belarusian sanctions of the European Union has increased to 183 individuals and 26 organizations.