OREANDA-NEWS The Estonian government on Thursday approved the estimate for the construction of the border with Russia. It will be completed by 2026, and the cost of work will be €190 million. This information said the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to Prime Minister - Jüri Ratas, Estonia's Eastern border needs to be strengthened in order to ensure both its own security and that of its coalition partners. "Our Eastern border is also the external border of NATO and the EU, which makes quality construction of the border even more important," the local news Agency BNS reports.

"The border project has not been idle for a minute, we are moving in the construction of the Eastern border up from the place where the borders of Estonia, Latvia and Russia converge. It is wrong to talk about the rise in the cost of the border: in the project of the Department of police and border guard its cost was about €190 million, and it remained so",- said the head of the interior Ministry of the Republic Andres Anvelt.

It is noted, that the construction will be completed in 2026.

"At the expense of available funds, we will immediately begin to hold tenders for the construction. It includes four sections of the border with a total length of 33 km," said Andres Anvelt - the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country. According to his words, during the construction of the following sites it is necessary to take into account the assessment of the construction market. As a result, the project costs can increase up to 7% per year.

Estonia decided to modernize the infrastructure along the border in 2015.  The Cabinet of Ministers of Estonia approved the project of land border with Russia in 2016. Tallinn expects to make its border with Russia "the most modern in the EU", with absolute technical control. Border guards will be provided with security cameras and drones, with which they will be able to receive an image of what is happening on a tablet computer in real time.

In February, it was reported that the project of construction of the border has risen sharply. Its price increased from €79 million to more than €190 million. The project involves the construction of a fence, patrol trails, obstacles for animals, barriers, pillars, etc.