OREANDA-NEWS. Analysts have compiled a rating of the EU countries with the most smoking citizens. Bulgaria turned out to be the leader, where almost a third of the adult population is exposed to a bad habit, reports the European Statistical Agency.

According to Eurostat, 29% of Bulgarians aged 18 to 70 smoke every day, and many of them spend up to 25% of the family budget on tobacco products. It is followed by Greece, Latvia, Germany and Croatia, where about 22% of the population smokes on average.
The least number of smokers turned out to be in Sweden — about 6.5% of citizens. Finland and Denmark complete the ranking, but it is interesting that Swedish and Danish women smoke more than men in their country.

Earlier pulmonologist Alexander Karabinenko said that smokers and vapers infected with coronavirus spread the infection more actively, as they exhale infectious smoke. He argued his position by the fact that the radius of spread of infectious smoke is about one and a half to two meters.To prevent the spread of infection, you need to ask the smoker to smoke in the designated areas, as well as to wear a mask when meeting a person smoking on the street.