OREANDA-NEWS  Two people were killed, four more were missing after the ship with the Russians on Board gave a distress signal in connection with the possible flooding off the coast of Samsun province. On Monday reports Reuters Agency with reference to coast guard of Turkey and the representative of local authorities.

According to the Agency, 13 people were on Board the vessel carrying coal from the Russian port of Azov: two Russians, nine Ukrainians and two citizens of Azerbaijan.

The ship under the flag of Panama gave a distress signal in 148 km from the North-Eastern black sea province of Samsun, said the Agency representative of the coast guard. The distress signal was received in connection with the"possible sinking".

"Rescue helicopters arrived at the scene. Now saved seven crew members, found the bodies of two dead", — quotes their statement RIA "Novosti". A total of 13 people were on board: nine citizens of Ukraine, two Azerbaijanis and two Russians. Who exactly died - is still unknown.

According to reports, we are talking about the cargo ship "Volga-Balt" under the Panama flag. The signal of disaster arrived at 08: 10 Monday, January 7. At this point, the ship was 80 km from the coast of Samsun province.

According to Reuters, seven crew members were rescued. The search for the missing continues with the use of aircraft, two helicopters and boats.

Shortly before this emergency - also at the Turkish coast - the Russian captain of the dry cargo ship "Canopus" was lost. His body was found in the cabin when the ship passed the Dardanelles Strait, reports Nation News.

In mid-December, it also became known that the Russian cargo ship "Kuzma Minin" ran aground off the South-Western coast of great Britain, in the Bay of Falmouth in Cornwall. On Board ship were 18 citizens Russia. There was no cargo on the ship, so there was no pollution of the water area. 

And a month earlier in the Kerch-Yenikalsky channel the barge with 3,3 thousand tons of grain sank. There were no casualties and victims, told the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Crimea. There was no fuel spill, there was no pollution of the water area.