OREANDA-NEWS The monuments were erected in front of the Manitoba Legislature. On Thursday, during the country's main national holiday, Canada Day, a group of protesters against former Canadian colonial policies gathered in front of the Legislative Assembly. First, they doused the monuments with paint, and then with the help of ropes, they knocked them off. According to the TV channel, the police detained only one man who shouted curses at the crowd that knocked down the statue, TASS reports.

Earlier it became known that indigenous population of Canada found hundreds of unmarked graves near the building of the former boarding school. In November 2017, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during a trip to Newfoundland and Labrador, made a "belated" apology to Indians for bullying in "resident schools".

In 1876, under the rule of Prime Minister MacDonald, there was passed the Indian Act in Canada, which, in particular, provided for the seizure of land of the country's indigenous peoples for the needs of the federal government. In 1884, additions were made to it on the creation of special schools, which were called resident. Indian children were forcibly taken to these boarding schools in order to integrate them into Canadian society. According to statistics, at least 3.2 thousand children died from beatings and diseases. Educational institutions were run by the Roman Catholic Church.