OREANDA-NEWS  According to him, this requirement also applies to personnel who work under a contract with the US Department of Defense.

“We oppose the foreign military order, but not diplomats, employees of non-governmental organizations. The work of NGOs and embassies is what our people need, we will not pose a threat to them”, - said a Taliban spokesman.

According to Suhail Shahin, most of the counties and cities fell into the hands of the Taliban not as a result of fighting, but after negotiations - government forces just refused to fight them.

“The Taliban enter into negotiations with the government forces and tell them:“ You have not had food for three weeks, you do not have enough ammunition, no one will come for you, or for your wounded, or for your corpses. And we are ready to let you go, just hand over your weapons to us”, - Anthony Loyd, the journalist with the Times, told the BBC, who visited the raid with a special forces detachment of the Afghan army.

In the case of large military bases of the Afghan army, the Taliban even offers to government soldiers to leave with their own weapons. As a result, the soldiers retreat, and dozens of pieces of equipment fall into the hands of the Taliban, including new armored vehicles that the Americans had previously handed over to the Afghan government. Militants are also taking over mortars, massive amounts of ammunition and other heavy weapons, said Professor Dawood Azami, radio editor for the BBC's Afghan Service.