OREANDA-NEWS. The «Taliban» (banned in Russia) opened fire on a crowd of demonstrators in Kabul. Today, on September 7, hundreds of people came out for a mass protest against the new regime. Members of the «Taliban» even allowed a crowd of 300-500 people to walk several kilometers. However, everything changed at the local Zanbak Square — they opened fire, shot in the air, beat protesters, and took away the cameras from journalists.

This is reported by the Telegram channel «Ostorozno, novosty» (can be translated as «Caution, It's News»), which has a video recording of the events taking place in Afghanistan.

There is also information that 70 people, mostly women, gathered at the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul. On the night of September 7, a night protest was held in Kabul. The participants of the rally chanted «Death to Pakistan!», as it is accused of contributing to the revival of the Taliban and the fall of Panjshir.