OREANDA-NEWS Climatic changes are associated with a shift in the cycles of activity of the Sun. Russian and British scientists studying physical processes in astronomical objects have found that in the future this will lead to an increase in temperature on planet. It will increase by at least 2.5 degrees. These findings were presented in the online scientific publication Scientific Reports.

According to the Russian Science Foundation, experts have proven that the tendency to increase solar radiation and temperature on Earth can persist for the next six centuries. The authors of the work studied the activity of the Sun over the past 100 thousand years. To do this, they used the latest observational data for the star, as well as indicators of paleoclimatological studies.

The long vibrations of the concomitant magnetic field of a celestial body, discovered some time ago, indicate that solar activity will decrease in the next 30 years. However, this will not lead to a halt in climate change. After reaching its minimum by 2050, the Sun will again continue to gain activity, reaching a maximum in the 27th century, becoming warmer by at least 2.5 degrees. After that, the process will decline and it will take more than a thousand years.

A temperature increase of 2 degrees can significantly increase mortality. As the United Nations warns, droughts and other natural disasters can trigger the starvation of more than tens of millions of people. According to statistics, already now a quarter of the Earth is short of water.