OREANDA-NEWSActing Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told journalists that declaring a state of emergency by US authorities to supply weapons to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, bypassing Congress, is necessary for him to react “under heightened threat”. The words of the head of department leads the newspaper The New York Times.

In addition, continued. Pentagon heads, "if the UAE and Saudi Arabia don't buy weapons from the United States, which is their very reliable partner, then for security reasons they should go buy weapons either to China or to Russia". On the question of whether Shanghai supported the decision to supply weapons to Arab countries around the congress, the official said: "I always prefer to follow the process". He didn't give any other comments on this.

The fact that the White House, bypassing Congress, is going to supply weapons to the countries of the Persian Gulf, the American newspaper reported on May 25, citing sources. The fact is that Congress imposed restrictions on the supply of American weapons to a number of countries in the Middle East. To circumvent them, the White House allowed for the possibility of introducing an emergency mode. He clarified the publication, allows for the supply of weapons "in the interests of national security". The decision to supply arms to the UAE and Saudi Arabia was explained by the newspaper’s interlocutors by the growing tensions between the United States and Iran.

The fact that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo instructed to approve the sale of weapons for $ 8.1 billion to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to deter Iran, Western sources also reported May 25. Such a decision, noted sources of publications and agencies, caused outrage among American lawmakers, who demanded that Pompeo confirm or deny information about the supply of weapons to Arab countries.