OREANDA-NEWSThe acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan approved on Monday the dispatch of an additional 1,000 US troops "for defensive purposes" to the Middle East in connection with the situation around Iran. This is stated in a popular statement by the Pentagon press service. The United States decided not on its own initiative, it was a response to the recommendation of the Central Military Headquarters. The purpose of sending 1,000 military will be to provide defense vehicles.

According to Shanahan, "Iran’s recent attacks confirm reliable and reliable intelligence information", which the US has received about "the hostile behavior of Iranian forces and the groups they control". These forces, argues. Minister, "threaten US military personnel and US interests throughout the region". For this reason, the United States is obliged to take measures to preserve peace in this region.

In addition, the expert noted that "This Country doesn't need an armed conflict with Iran". “Today’s decision is only aimed at ensuring the security and well-being of our military personnel throughout the region, as well as to protect our national interests”, said Shanakhan. "We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adjust the number of forces as needed, taking into account intelligence and reliable threats", - concluded the acting head of the Pentagon.

Earlier, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that the United States is considering all options for countering Iran in the region, including the military. He also added that to achieve the desired results, America will use force without asking for permission. The expert stated that this is due to aspiration of the state’s interests. Such actions may exacerbate the situation in this region.