OREANDA-NEWS  At the US Embassy in Afghanistan, 114 employees got the coronavirus infection, one person died from COVID-19. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the embassy was temporarily closed, CNBC reports.

The employees were sent home for self-isolation. They cannot go to catering establishments and must keep their distance on the street. People who do not follow the rules can face suspension from office.

It is noted that such restrictions will remain in effect until "the chain of transmission of the infection is not broken".

It is said in the embassies report : "The military hospital's intensive care resources are running at full capacity, forcing our health units to create temporary, wards compliant with COVID-19 to care for oxygen-dependent patients. 95% of our cases are individuals who have not been vaccinated or received a single dose of vaccine.

The day before, the manpower of the Ukrainian national personnel of the NATO mission returned from Afghanistan to Ukraine. 21 servicemen of the Armed Forces of the NATO mission in Afghanistan "Resolute Support" returned to their homeland as planned.