OREANDA-NEWS The US state Department has ceased to respond to requests and appeals of UN special rapporteurs, which relate to possible cases of human rights violations in the country, the Guardian newspaper reported, citing representatives of the organization.

As noted by the publication, the administration of Donald Trump did not respond to any of the 13 official requests from independent experts working around the world, from the seventh of May 2018. In addition, since the beginning of Trump's rule, the administration has not extended invitations to UN experts to visit the country as part of their missions.

According to the newspaper, only two special rapporteurs of the world organization, who deal with poverty and the protection of private life, visited the country during trump's stay in power, but both were invited during the reign of the previous Head of State Barack Obama.

According to the publication, a number of requests that remained unanswered concerns the situation with the division of families of migrants from Central America on the us-Mexican border. Thus, the UN special Rapporteur on violations of the rights of migrants Felipe gonzález Morales twice, in March and July last year, sent a request to the United States for an official visit to the country to check how the authorities treat migrants, but received no response.

"In the absence of an official visit, we cannot publish a country report and submit it to the UN human rights Council," Morales said.

In a statement to the publication, the US state Department refused to explain why the Agency no longer responds to requests from UN experts, and did not specify whether such a position is long-term.

At the same time, the official representative of the Department noted that the United States remains "committed to the promotion and protection of human rights around the world", and expressed support for the special rapporteurs of the world organization in the context of investigations in other countries.

In mid-June last year, the U.S. announced the country's withdrawal from the UNHRC. US membership in the HRC expires on 31 December 2019. Representatives of the current us administration have repeatedly criticized the HRC for ”bias" against Israel, as well as negatively expressed the fact that the members of the Council are Venezuela, China and Cuba.