OREANDA-NEWS  The US has accused Russia of systematic violations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This is stated in the report of the United States trade representative on the implementation of Russia's obligations under the WTO.

The document notes that Moscow is gaining momentum in a departure from the rules of the Trade Organization, as well as establishes barriers for the United States in the export of American goods and services.

The report States that Washington is studying what is happening and intends to apply measures to address this issue in order to keep Russian markets open for exports from the United States.

"Import of goods to Russia remains a difficult task. The United States continues to closely monitor the implementation of Russia's obligations under the duties, but not the duty measures, apparently, create the biggest obstacles to trade", — stated in the document.

The authors of the report criticized Russia for localization of production, a number of taxes and fees, requirements of phytosanitary control, and expressed dissatisfaction with exports from Russia. The report emphasizes that Moscow has a list of" important " products that may be subject to export restrictions.

Earlier, the US imposed duties on imports of steel (25%) and aluminum (10%) from other countries. The EU, Russia, China and Canada announced retaliatory measures. At the end of August last year, the US initiated a dispute with Russia in the WTO. It concerned the increase of import duties on some American goods. In October, Russia submitted a request to the trade organization for the establishment of an arbitration group, but Washington blocked the creation of arbitration. At the same time, China, Canada, Mexico, EU countries, Turkey, Norway, India and Switzerland are also trying to challenge the introduction of us duties in the WTO.