OREANDA-NEWS    Other forces will arrive to provide security for the US diplomatic mission. Among the several thousand Britons who need to be urgently evacuated are not only employees of the British Embassy and some organizations but also Afghans who have been granted asylum in the United Kingdom. 

The operation has to begin on August 14, 15 and will be continued, the British publication specifies. Earlier, the first deputy head of the international committee of the Federation Council Vladimir Dzhabarov told “Interfax” that the Russian side does not plan to enter Afghanistan when official Kabul falls and will repel attacks by the Taliban on the border in the event of a security threat to neighboring states. 

In addition, today there is a threat of reprisals against civil servants, officials, the authorities of Afghanistan, Dzhabarov is convinced. According to the parliamentarian, at the same time, another difficult problem is the fate of Afghan refugees, whose streams can rush to "Turkey, Iran, anywhere".