OREANDA-NEW Only six countries in the world have achieved gender equality, according to the World Bank study "Women, business and law-2019". These are Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden.

For the study, experts assessed the legislative framework of 187 countries, identifying what changes have been made there over the past ten years and how it has affected women's rights.

Eight basic indicators were calculated to assess the legislation: wages, employment, running one's own business, managing assets owned by women, pensions, freedom of movement, and marriage and having children.

The indicator "having children", for example, reflects an assessment of the laws on maternity, paternity and parental rights, as well as the legal acts on maternity leave, which may affect the decision of women to start a family.

Six leading countries scored 100 points on the sum of all aspects. The greatest progress in the last ten years in this area was achieved by France, which, thanks to reforms, improved its result by almost 10 points (in 2009 — 91.88 points).

Russia has 73.13 points. Experts estimated that equality was achieved in terms of ownership of property and freedom of movement. Least of all (25 out of 100 points) she received in the field of remuneration. Problem areas are the beginning of a career and law that are associated with the introduction and the dissolution of the marriage.
Among the former Soviet republics, almost all scored a higher score than Russia. Ukraine and Belarus received 78.75 points, Kyrgyzstan — 76.88, Kazakhstan — 75.63 points. Even better are the cases of gender equality in Estonia (97.50 points), Lithuania (93.75), Moldova (84.38), Armenia (83.13), Georgia (79.38) and Azerbaijan (78.75). Less than Russia, among the former Soviet countries scored Uzbekistan — 70.63 points.

The rating is closed by 187 countries Syria (34.38 points), Qatar (32.50), Iran (31.25), Sudan (29.38), United Arab Emirates (29.38) and Saudi Arabia (25.63).
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