OREANDA-NEWS There are no survivors of the crash of the Indonesian company Lion Air in the sea near Jakarta. This was stated by the representative of the national Agency for emergency management.

As reported in the Department, the body of one of those on board the crashed Boeing 737 Max 8 has already been found.

As the Executive Director of the airline said, during the previous flight, the crashed liner had a certain technical problem, but it was corrected in accordance with the regulations, Reuters reports. According to this information, all Lion Air 11 of the same aircraft, and none of these problems were not. The rest of the Boeing 737 Max 8 is not yet planning to remove from flights.

Earlier it was reported that the crew before the crash requested a return to the airport of departure. It was reported that the plane was operated since August and was suitable for flight. Two pilots of the liner flew a total of 11 thousand hours.

It is specified that the crash site is located near the coast of the island of Java. Currently, rescuers are working at the crash site. EC divers dive in the area of the crash site. The plane is in the water. They, in particular, try to find the black boxes of the liner.

According to the Director of the Association "tour Help" Alexander Osaulenko, the Russians almost do not fly to the island of Sumatra, but accurate information about their presence or absence on Board yet. According to preliminary data, Russian citizens were not on the plane.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8 lion Air airline disappeared from radar 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta. He served as a flight JT-610 in the Indonesian city of Pangkalpinang.
On Twitter page, the representative of the National Council for disaster management said that on Board were 178 adult passengers, three children and seven crew members.