OREANDA-NEWS. France is closing for a third nationwide lockdown, which will last for four weeks. The restrictions that were already in force in 19 departments now apply to the entire country.

Emmanuel Macron said in this regard: “The curfew from 7 pm will now operate throughout the country. Remote working, which has undoubtedly proven itself as the most effective measure, should be applied everywhere, and I urge all employers and workers to choose exactly work remotely whenever possible. Those who want to leave the cities to isolate themselves outside the metropolis will be able to do so during the weekend and Easter. "

After Easter, it will be forbidden to move between the regions; it will not be possible to leave the house further than 10 kilometers. Social contacts need to be minimized, and most importantly, schools, kindergartens and lyceums are closed for three weeks, although earlier the authorities said that they would not agree to this. At the same time, for some reason, they left one full-time day at the universities. Also, it will not be possible to hold any mass gatherings.

Forced Macron to take new measures record numbers - almost 60 thousand new infections per day. The total number of infected has exceeded 4.5 million - the highest rate in Europe. Moreover, almost half of the patients admitted to intensive care units are under 65. Most French hospitals have run out of beds.