OREANDA-NEWSChina has been hiding data on the virus for two months and has allowed “hundreds of thousands” of its tourists to spread the virus around the world, said Peter Navarro, White House trade policy adviser, ABC News reported.

Navarro accused China not only of hiding information on coronavirus. At the end of April, he said that the PRC is benefiting by providing low-quality tests for antibodies to COVID-19, which give a false result. The United States, accusing China of hiding data on the disease, threatened it with sanctions. In particular, the corresponding bill on imposing restrictions on the PRC was submitted to the Senate on May 13.

According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the coronavirus appeared in a laboratory in Wuhan, as indicated by a “significant amount” of evidence. The US Department of Homeland Security, in turn, accused China of concealing both the magnitude of the outbreak and the danger of the disease. In particular, by diminishing the severity of the situation with coronavirus, the PRC has increased the import of protective equipment and medicines and reduced their export, the media reported.