OREANDA-NEWS. Donald Trump will have his microphone turned off at the upcoming televised debate for the US presidential candidate while his opponent speaks. And Biden's microphone will be also muted for two minutes while the current president speaks. The debate commission decided to introduce the artificial silence mode after the previous TV meeting of the candidates, when Trump constantly interrupted both Biden and the debate moderator.

About 16% of voters are expected to vote early in the US presidential election, according to the Washington Post. To date, 33 million citizens have already voted ahead of schedule, that is, about 10% of the total population. Another 33% of voters will vote by mail.

At the campaign rally, Trump spoke more about current problems, including the pandemic. He said that after taking the new medicine, he felt like a superman and promised to develop a vaccine soon.

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 coronavirus will once again be a key topic in the latest debate between Biden and Trump. Also, the candidates are going to discuss racial issues and climate change.

Trump also suggested to discuss foreign policy issues during the upcoming debate, that were not yet discussed during the first meeting. That is why the commission decided to turn off the candidates' microphone during the opponent's speech. Because the President interrupted his rival at the last meeting too often. The last candidate debate is scheduled for Thursday.