OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump, in a telephone conversation on February 15 with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stressed the concern about the situation in Idlib and expressed the desire that Russia should stop supporting the Syrian government. This is stated in a statement distributed on Sunday evening by the White House’s deputy spokeswoman, Judd Deere.

"The US president expressed concern about the violence in Idlib and thanked the Turkish president for his efforts to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, the White House informed. President Trump expressed his desire that Russia stop supporting the crimes of US presidential regime Bashar al-Assad and advocate for a political resolution to the conflict".

The situation in Idlib sharply worsened after the Russian and Turkish military made another attempt to introduce a regime of silence, but the terrorists only intensified their attacks. As a result, military experts from the Russian Federation and Turkey died. The Syrian army retaliated against extremists, taking on February 5 the city of Sarakib near Idlib.

On the morning of February 11, the Syrian opposition, supported by Turkey, launched large-scale attacks against the Syrian army in two directions - the city of Sarakib and the village of Neurab, located north of Sarakib in the province of Idlib.