OREANDA-NEWS. In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, Donald Trump hinted at a possible return to the White House.

At the same time, the ex-president did not explicitly state his desire to participate in the presidential race in 2024, only allowing such an opportunity.

Trump said that "the Democrats have already lost the White House. Who knows, maybe I will decide to defeat them a third time."

Much of his first public speech after the end of his term was devoted to criticizing the actions of the team of the current head of the White House, Joe Biden. Trump called Biden the worst president possible, and lamented that, under the leadership of such a leader, "America will take last place."

Especially Trump talked a lot about the changes in the migration policy of the United States and the end of the struggle for the country's energy independence.

In addition, Trump said that he does not plan to create a new political party, remaining a consistent adherent of the idea of unity among Republicans.

Earlier, Senator Mitt Romney said that the Republican Party will unequivocally vote for Trump's candidacy if he decides to run for US President in the next election.