OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump promised to deal with the situation around visa issuance to Russian delegates to the UN. This was announced on Thursday by Russian Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the world organization Vasily Nebenzya. “We hope that I spoke about this at a meeting today that this problem will be resolved”, he said. “Because the problem does not color the United States, it doesn't at all add prestige and reputation. President Trump, who, of course, did not know the details promised to sort it out".

Nebenzya praised the meeting between US President Donald Trump and UN-accredited diplomats at the White House on Thursday. “It went well, interestedly, lively, and discussed a wide variety of topics”, the Russian envoy said. "Trump was involved, enjoyed talking to us, listening and talking a lot", Nebenzya added.

The US President received representatives from several countries at the World Organization. The dinner was attended by representatives of the states of permanent and non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. The meeting was held due to the fact that in December the chairmanship of the UN Security Council passed to the United States.