OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump signed a decree on sanctions against Turkey in connection with its military operation in Syria. This was reported in a statement released on Monday by United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. The White House statement confirms that Trump has signed an executive decree imposing sanctions on individuals who impede the cessation of hostilities in northern Syria.

As follows from the document, "the military operation launched by Turkey in northeastern Syria", creates obstacles to the campaign to defeat the terrorist group "Islamic State" (ISIS, banned in the Russian Federation), and also "threatens peace, security and stability in region". The document states that in this connection there is a threat to US national security.

As noted, the decree empowers the Secretary of State, in consultation with the US Treasury Secretary and other US officials, to "impose sanctions on those responsible "for this threat". Restrictions may also be imposed on individuals who “impede a ceasefire in northern Syria” and also impede a political settlement in that country.