OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump, announcing his intention to run for a second presidential term, reiterated his “toughness” towards Russia and rebuked the Democrats in hypocrisy. “Think no one was tougher to Russia than Donald Trump. We call it“ Russian deception”, said Trump, speaking to supporters in Florida.

“Remember the famous phrase of President Obama (Barack), which was recorded on the microphone when he secretly spoke to the Russian president:“ Tell Vladimir that after my elections I will have more freedom of action. ”Remember? Remember? Many people remember, I remember that I saw it, and I didn't like it", said Trump.

The president of the United States said that his predecessor "did nothing" against Russia. “I’ve increased military power, I imposed sanctions on Russia, and throughout Europe I provided an alternative energy source that competes very much with Russia,” said Trump. According to him, "Democrats do not worry about Russia, they are worried about their political power". "They (the democrats) followed me, my family and business, my employees, almost everyone I ever knew or worked with, but in reality they came after you (Americans)", he noted.

President’s speech in Florida was preceded by US Vice President Mike Pence. Then Trump introduced his spouse Melanya Trump. She told the audience that her husband intends to work for the good of the country for another six years. After the 2016 presidential election in the US, Russia was accused of interfering with the election. Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations of attempts to influence the elections in the United States, and the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, called them "absolutely unfounded". Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking of the alleged Russian interference in elections in different countries, said that there were no facts to confirm this.