OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump (pictured right) called on Joe Biden (pictured left), who is his opponent, to both take a drug test ahead of the upcoming debate. It is reported by BBC News.

The incumbent said he noticed a "sudden improvement" in Biden's speeches in televised debates among Democrats. At the same time, Trump did not provide any concrete evidence that his rival could have used stimulants. Biden has not yet responded to the president's proposal. It is known that three rounds of debates are planned between them before the elections.

Earlier, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton advised Biden not to accept losing on election day. She clarified that on election day, Republican Donald Trump may show a slight advantage. "Joe Biden should not admit defeat under any circumstances, because I think it will drag on," added Hillary.

On August 21, Joe Biden agreed to run for President of the United States as the Democratic nominee. The politician chose Senator Kamala Harris as a candidate for vice-president. On August 24, the US Republican Party officially appointed the incumbent head of the White House, Donald Trump, as the country's presidential candidate for a second term. Mike Pence has been nominated for the post of Vice President of the United States, and he still holds this post.