OREANDA-NEWSUS President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned the latter that the intervention of a foreign state in Libyan affairs would only complicate the situation in this country. The corresponding statement was made public by the White House following a conversation between the leaders of the two countries, according to the American media.

“President Trump said during a telephone conversation with Erdogan that foreign intervention would complicate the situation in Libya”, said White House spokeswoman Hogan Gidley in a statement. The White House does not give other details of the conversation between Trump and Erdogan on the situation in Libya.

A telephone conversation between the two leaders took place several hours after the Turkish parliament approved the bill, which provides for the sending of the military to Libya. The government of national accord of Libya, with which the army of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is fighting, at the end of December requested support from Ankara. It was about "air, land and sea" military support.

In Libya, since the start of the civil war after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, there are two centers of executive power: the Faiz Saraj government in Tripoli, recognized by the international community, and the interim cabinet of Abdullah Abdurrahman, supported by the Libyan National Army of Haftar.