OREANDA-NEWS. A 6.8 immensity earthquake was fixed at 10:22 p.m. Tuesday. After that terrible event, meteorological agency of Japan announced a tsunami warning. The coast of Yamagata Prefecture was reported as the most dangerous zone. It is located in the north of the country. 

This agency insists the government to evacuate those coastal regions with expedition. Also, do not go to the sea and stay away from water. The sea-level is not stable and tsunamis are expected to arrive imminently.

The worst earthquake that was fixed in Japan was in March, 2011. Then it was a 9.0 immensity earthquake. It was the cause of an enormous tsunami that was the cause of a nuclear disaster which was declared as the worst in the country's history. The earthquake was so strong that it also moved Honshu, the island, more than two meters to the east.