OREANDA-NEWS. Europe and the United States did nothing at all to help Belarus in struggling against the coronavirus pandemic. It was declared by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

On Tuesday, May 4, the Belarusian president accepted a Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko's report and made a discussion with him related to financial side of anti-Covid measures.

Thу leader of the state was quoted by BelTA: “Of course, our country has spent much money on anti-Covid campaigns. These Europeans and Americans are really last scoundrels. They absolutely didn’t help us. Although the WHO and the UN all the time declare loudly about the necessity of supporting everyone and other such things ".

Lukashenko noted: Europe is only hardening and introducing new restrictions against Belarus, wishing to worsen the situation in the state. According to him, attempts of the Western countries to "intimidate Belarus" with their restrictive steps cannot be left unanswered.

"If the Europeans want to get problems in connection with these restrictions, they will surely get them. I am not going to say anything else. Time will show everything," the President said.

As for help in fighting against Covid-19, he emphisized, that "they did not help us and do not need to". And, according to Lukashenko, the republic will not ask them for help any more.

The President of Belarus added on this occasion: "The main thing here is that we have treated and will continue to treat our people. And, God forbid, that we have this problem eliminated as it is now being eliminated." He also pointed out the need to further support the doctors who work in the red zones.