OREANDA-NEWSJapanese doctors found coronavirus in two more citizens of the Russian Federation - passengers of the cruise ship Diamond Princess. This was announced on Thursday by the Russian Embassy in Japan.

"As a result of a check by Japanese doctors, two more Russian citizens were diagnosed with coronavirus. In the near future they will be delivered to the hospital where they will be provided with the necessary medical care. The Russians feel normal. The course of the disease is without pronounced symptoms", the embassy said.

Thus, three Russians contracted the coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess. Earlier, one citizen of the Russian Federation was already hospitalized with coronavirus. Also, his wife was placed in the hospital, for whom the virus wasn't diagnosed, but she is under medical supervision due to the risk of infection. The embassy emphasized that they continue to maintain contact with them, the citizens of the Russian Federation are feeling normal.

Four more citizens of the Russian Federation, who had not been found to have coronavirus and who had been quarantined for two weeks, left the Diamond Princess cruise ship located in the port of Yokohama on Thursday, they added to the embassy.