OREANDA-NEWS Almost 200 flights were canceled in Japan due to the approaching Typhoon "Trami". The natural disaster was assigned the number 24. It is reported by NHK.

Typhoon goes to Japan from South to North-East, at the weekend it can pass over the entire territory of the country. Meteorologists qualify it as "extremely strong". Currently, the Typhoon center is located 400 kilometers from the island of Miyako in the South of Okinawa Prefecture.

It will hit Western Japan, particularly the city of Amami in Kagoshima Prefecture on September 30. Heavy rains and storms are expected, precipitation is projected at 80 mm, now the wind speed in the center of the Typhoon reaches 45 m/s. 

Residents of the Islands are urged to prepare for heavy rains, strong winds and waves at sea. It is expected that the territory of Japan Typhoon will reach by the morning of September 29. Mainly under the monstrous storm will fall Ryukyu Island, Osumi, Tokara, Amami, Okinawa and Sakishima.

The pressure in the center of the Typhoon is 955 hectopascals. The wind speed in the center is 45 meters per second, with gusts - up to 60 meters per second.

In Japan, airlines canceled 260 domestic flights from Naha airport in Okinawa Prefecture due to the impending hurricane "Trami".

According to forecasts, the Japanese will suffer from heavy rain and destructive winds, which appear now. A dangerous storm can cause floods, landslides, disrupt infrastructure, slow down the movement of transport or even stop it.

Meteorologists report that on Saturday evening, September 29, is expected to increase the wind to 200 km/h, and the direction of the hurricane will shift towards the mainland of Japan. It is noted that the storm will reach even Tokyo.

Recent data also indicate that Taiwan will not suffer as expected a few days ago. But, the locals were warned about preparing for the approaching danger. Towards the island, the hurricane is heading with a steady wind of 150 km/h.

In early September, Japan was hit by Typhoon "Jebi", Japanese meteorologists called it the most powerful since 1993. The victims of the Typhoon were 11 people, another 400 were injured.