OREANDA-NEWSThe U.S. House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to support the National Defense Authorization Act, the NDAA for fiscal year 2020 (starting October 1). The broadcast of the meeting was conducted by the American television channel.

A $ 738 billion military budget, up 3.1% from a year earlier, was agreed by Republicans and Democrats on Monday. The Senate, controlled by the same party members of US President Donald Trump, and the House of Representatives, where the majority of the seats belong to the opponents of the head of the White House - the Democrats, approved their options for the country's military budget in the summer. But on some points they did not coincide. Legislators had to form a conciliation commission of representatives of two parties, the result of which was an agreed document on 3488 pages.

After approval of the bill by the House of Representatives, the Senate should consider it. It's expected that the upper house will vote on the document until December 20, after which it will go to the president for signature. Trump said Wednesday that he was ready to sign the bill as soon as it was approved by Congress.