OREANDA-NEWS The UK has banned the export of jet fuel and fuel additives to Russia as part of new sanctions, RIA Novosti reports. The measures are directed against products and technologies for oil refining.

"Prohibitions on the export, supply and delivery, provision and transfer (as well as related technical assistance, financial services, funds and brokerage) relating to chemical and biological weapons," the government's website says.

In addition, London banned the export of products for the maritime sector to Russia. There is also a ban on the import, purchase, supply or delivery of income-generating goods that originate in or ship from Russia.

Earlier it was reported that thousands of people were protesting in London against the economic crisis and inflation caused by anti-Russian sanctions against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine. The protesters demand the resignation of both Johnson himself and the entire Cabinet.

In the UK, they fear that the country could face the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s. Inflation in the country accelerated to 9% in April, which is the highest figure in 40 years. And according to the Bank of England, by the end of the year it will exceed 10%.