OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian authorities will introduce martial law only in the event of a full-scale invasion, said Oleg Seminsky, a parliament member from the Servant of the People party.

"We all hope that this will not happen, but we must not panic, act with a sober head, and be prepared for the fact that this can actually happen. If this happens, we, as a state, must fight to the end," the deputy said in on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine 24".

Earlier, a former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, said that, according to his information, Zelensky plans to introduce martial law in the country on December 1.

For all the years of independence, martial law was introduced in Ukraine only once - at the end of November 2018, after Russian border guards detained three Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait that violated the state border. Martial law was in effect only in ten regions for 30 days, after which it was canceled.

Earlier, the director of the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov, noted in the talk with Military Times that Russia was going to invade the country. In turn, Bloomberg wrote on the basis of on American intelligence data that Moscow plans to akkack the territory of Ukraine from three different directions.

Kremlin noted in response, that the West is artificially whipping up anti-Russian hysteria. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov supposes that the Kiev is trying to present itself as a victim, and Zelensky may go for provocations.