OREANDA-NEWS. In Ukraine, during the tests, a prototype of the «Dozor-B» armored car caught fire. The fire could damage the foreign equipment installed on it. This is reported by Defense News.

The incident occurred on the territory of the Kharkiv Construction Bureau of Mechanical Engineering when checking the fire-fighting equipment of an armored car. The testers put a bucket with a lit smoke bomb in the armored car and closed the car door. However, they did not take into account that the bucket was in oil. As a result, a fire occurred, which was extinguished only with the help of a powder fire extinguisher.

The fire damage is currently being assessed. If the foreign equipment installed in the armored car has failed, then the qualification tests of the «Dozor-B» and it's mass production will have to be postponed for a significant period.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine may receive a tranche from the International Monetary Fund in the amount of $700 million in the first decade of October, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Daniil Getmantsev said.